Hello and welcome to You Are Powerful.

You are Powerful is a space and resource to help you feel more awareness and consciousness of who you are, assist you to feel more balanced, calm, positive and in control of your busy life.

Often we put our own self care last and this can result in the buildup of stress in our bodies, which can then manifest as physical symptoms, mental fatigue or overload, sleep issues or depression/low moods.

We have forgotten in our busy and full lives how to ‘listen’ to our bodies signals and act on the desires that it is trying to tell us. If we tuned in more and listened and acted to what our bodies were trying to tell us, it would help us feel more happier, energized, balanced, live our purpose and calm and the aim of the services that I provide at You are Powerful are tools that can assist you to BE more of your true self.

My name is Chiara and I have been working in alternative therapies for the last 17 years. My own journey started when I was struggling as a teenager with pain and mental overload at school, and over the years I have gained different qualifications that I personally have found and used that actually help me in my daily life.

I have also suffered from illness over the years and have a personal understanding of what if ‘feels’ like to have ME/CFS, autoimmune diseases and deal with and recover from major surgery. This personal understanding has assisted me greatly in dealing with fatigue, negative mental chatter, chronic pain, coping strategies and more and something that assistly hugely in relating to my clients with what they are dealing with, regardless of how big or small that is.

I offer 1-2-1 sessions of:

I have also trained as a meditation teacher, mindfulness practitioner, Reiki Master, Intuitive healer and Shamanic Practitioner and enjoy being able to offer personal sessions that incorporate any of these skills as required.

I am based in Caversham in Reading Berkshire and sessions can be offered at my own therapy space or I can come to your home.