March 2016

So before I get going, this woman has the most amazing face! I love it.

There are days that I get up and revert back to being a human and with all the crap that can come with and because I am a woman and I have those judgements that I need to put makeup on, I have to look in the mirror and have a go at my poor body and face for how it looks and feels and all I see is the lines, sags and heaviness that my body is holding onto. Um. No judgement there at all is there! Hello?!
We treat our bodies with so little respect, I am so glad that I have the tools to realise and then release myself from these judgements, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Phew.
Anyhoo, staying on topic.
My amazing Mother once again was coming over to to a course, this time on the Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift and after chatting and reading about it, I was again intrigued about this particular body process and how it can assist not only the face to look radiant, but also your insides as well.

I signed up as well. We did the course through my amazing Bars facilitator and with an beautiful inspiring facilitator from London who travelled up for the day. Through the day we did loads of clearing work around our beliefs, judgements ect about our looks and bodies and were paired up to both receive and gift a session of the Energetic Facelift.

I am open minded, always have been, but I do love to see changes after a session of anything. I would never offer anything to any of my clients that I hadn’t first hand experienced results from (I have trained in some courses and never used them again for that reason, but that is all just my interesting points of view).
As I was gifting it to my lovely partner I could actually SEE her face changing. Her skin was actually tightening up, her skin was starting to look fresher and more relaxed. How crazy is that!

I felt amazing after my session, my face felt great, as did my body and as ever after being around Access Consciousness people so did the whole of my energy.
The next day I could actually visually see the change in my face.

That was NOTHING compared to after my second session when myself and my Mum did a swop. OMG as the kids say!!
The lines on my forehead and around my eyes had almost gone, my skin was clearer and my cheeks had a naturally pink glow to them like you have when you apply blusher.

How cool is that!
So yes I am booked in to do another swop this week, I am so interested to see how getting this done a few times can change how my body and face looks and feels on both the inside and the outside.

I love that I have also gained another awesome tool that I can offer my clients as well, so that they can benefit from this amazing training I did as well.

How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?


barsFebruary 2016

I was so excited when the day came to learn about running the ‘Bars’ and finding out more about Access Consciousness in general. I was still new to it all and had read as much as I could before the day since getting my own Bars run in December.

It turned out that it was just going to be myself on the course so my amazing facilitator let me bring my eldest son with my to learn as well. He is an amazing intuitive, open and sensitive boy and I knew that he would benefit hugely from learning about Access and how to run the Bars as well. The day was amazing, Sophie our facilitator is hugely knowledgeable and patient and fun and she made the day wonderful and filled with laughter.
We both came away so chilled out, giggling, asking questions and running the clearing statement and ‘POC & PODing’ everything that we could on the drive home.
Having someone else in my house that can run the Bars is awesome. It means that we can gift and receive with each other every week, keep a check on each other when we start feeling heavy or grumpy, questioning things when they come up and using the Access tools together each day.
My youngest who is 7 also loves that there is two people in the house that can run his Bars, and he has also picked up the clearing statement himself and generally grasped the concept and tools of Access so fast. Children are amazing, they don’t have the judgements, limitations, beliefs, thoughts and preconceived ideas that we adults have held onto.

Having my Bars run and also running other people’s Bars every week has been epic. Not only am I feeling my own body and energy shift after every session, I am also blessed to see my clients experiencing that same shifts.

I have had people who have ‘tried everything and nothing has worked’ come for a session and have that same expression on their face that I had after my first session ‘hum, something awesome just happened’, I am totally in love with Access and all that it offers.

Do you get the feeling I love it? he he.

Each day just gets better and better, I can honestly say that since December after my first session I am almost completely back to my old self from before I had my accident and developed chronic illness. I still have days where I am in pain, where my blood pressure and heart rate is an issue and I feel unwell, but I can get them under control and recover at record speed now rather than a week in bed or a massive flare up.

People who live around me have noticed as well, they comment on how the old Chiara is back, that I seem full of life, look great and full of energy.
My eldest who is doing his SATS at school has noticed that he is sleeping better, have way less anxiety about exams and school in general, is more aware of his judgements and points of view and generally just happier.
My youngest who is 7 is loving having the tools to play with, he is calmer at home, using his energy less destructively, expressing himself better, questioning if everything he is feeling and experiencing belongs to him and if not doing something about it.

Does it all sound too good to be true? That is our normal thinking about these kind of things, but for me personally and it’s all just my point of view it’s not. Anything is possible again.

I just can’t wait to watch others experience it all now as well!

How does it get any better than that? What else is possible for us all?


healthy-workDecember 2015

I have wrote some of my own healing journey living with long term illness on my other website Chiara Irvine, but I decided to share some of my own experiences of my receiving of healing and other alternative therapies over on this website.
By December of 2015, I had lived with chronic pain, fatigue and illness for just over 2 years and I can tell you I now ‘got’ what people with chronic illness say about how it affects your mood, abilities to do work, communicate and generally live each day. Its hard, its REALLY hard and I was also lucky enough to have a whole toolbox of ways to assist me through meditation, mindfulness and healing therapies and I was still struggling.
I had heard of Access Consciousness through some friends and my own reading, but it was never something that I had considered learning or receiving myself.
It was actually my Mum who went and received her training in running peoples ‘Bars’ that got my curiosity going. I was her first ‘guinea pig’ and I had no expectations about what to expect, but I am always open to try new things.

Ok, so I am not a massive worrier, I don’t get overly worked up or stressed about things, I don’t have huge fears or anxieties (all the years of training and meditation have helped get me here mind), but living with chronic illness had taken its toll on me. I was still mostly bed bound, not able to work, study or generally do anything other than look after my family and the home, and even that was a struggle some days.
I was on pain medication, medication to help with my dysautonomia, to regulate my blood pressure and heart rate, under the care of a whole load of consultants as well as receiving lidocaine infusions to help with the pain when it got really bad and on bed days still using my stick to walk with.

It kinda sucked.

So back to the Bars…My Mum ran my Bars in December and something shifted. Something sparked, ignited, opened up, expanded…something made me look up and go HUM..that was interesting.

After just the one session this is what I experienced:

  • Reduced pain
  • SO much more aware or my thoughts (and I teach mindfulness!)
  • How I was buying into and believing my own drama and trauma
  • Increased amounts of energy
  • I generally felt happier, more contented, present
  • Generally just better in myself
  • That a whole load of the s**t that I was buying into wasn’t mine

And that was after just one session.

I had to find out more, so I find a great Access Consciousness Facilitator near me and I booked in to learn it myself in February 2016.

It changed my life, I can’t write or talk about it without crying and feeling filled to the brim with gratitude. Its awesome, If I could choose it, it would be the ONLY thing that I offer my clients, it’s immensely life changing and I know that they do state that the best thing that could happen is your whole life can change..it did.

I am no longer on ANY pain medication or ANY medication for that matter..that’s 2 months after doing this! I am free from any fears, anxiety that I had, I don’t get stressed out about anything anymore, I feel great, excited all the time, I am back full time working offering sessions to clients and I have started riding horses again and working at my local stables. I don’t just think about my dreams anymore I am living them and creating new exciting possibilities every day. My life is totally changed.

How does it get any better than that? What else is possible?