“I love coming and receiving an Indian head massage from Chiara, it is never ‘just’ a massage, she often uses visualization, breath work, crystals and Reiki during the sessions as well and it makes it one of the most bliss filled moments of my week. Thank you Chiara!”

“I have just listened to the meditation. WOW! Well that was off the scale! I’ve never felt so powerful, something bigger than my physical body.”

“Like a lot of people, I was finding life a big struggle & I felt stuck & like I was ‘wading through treacle’. I decided to book some 1-2-1 sessions with Chiara. The combination of healing, coaching and mentoring revealed to me so much about my self & it became suddenly so clear as to why I’d been blocked. I found this to be a wonderful session. It revealed something very personal to me on quite an emotional level which I was so happy to gain clarity with, and now I accept it I have moved on with a renewed sense of purpose. I found it totally beautiful & wonderfully relaxing as well!” FH. Reading, Berkshire.

“I have listened to loads of meditations, but non like yours. They take me so much deeper and are so powerful”. PK. London

“The healing was incredible. The nagging cough went away right after and I have opened up a lot too! I’m so so happy and grateful to you for this. Thank you!” R. A. London.

“Your voice and guided journey’s are transformative, I use them each day” L.C. USA

“I requested a session of coaching from Chiara at a time when life felt quite heavy and overwhelming. From the moment I contacted Chiara, my experience was peaceful and uplifting. Chiara has a very calm, reassuring way about her and her energy is very loving. The whole process of requesting a session, to receiving it was smooth and well managed. When I received the session it was just the “pill” I needed to help me reclaim my personal power. I am deeply grateful to Chiara for her guidance, love and support.” RB London

‘Chiara Irvine ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you for your help this week… everything is flowing again and several lots of fear faced and felt and let go of. Thank you. SH. Glastonbury, UK

“I wanted to say thank so much for the 6 week course and healing. The meditations have really helped me and I have been guided to work with a number of guides. Thank you so much you made a real difference.” With love S.P, UK.

“I signed up for Chiara’s Honouring You Package in January 2013 and found it extremely helpful. The healing sessions were profound and truly life changing and I felt a renewed sense of confidence after working with Chiara. She was really encouraging and supportive through the whole process. I ended up booking a few more healing sessions with her and was able to work through some major blocks regarding abundance and sharing my gifts with the world.
Chiara has such passion for helping people, she really cares deeply for humanity and the joy she gets from assisting people is undoubtable to anyone who works with her. She is an amazingly talented healer and her spiritual gifts are literally out of this world. I couldn’t recommend her enough.
Her work is life-changing and affordable to everyone so there really is no reason why you should not book a session with her. If you are ready to shift and step into the life of your dreams, Chiara is the one to call for assistance. Thank you Chiara for all the wonderful work you do, you are a star 🙂 !” Emma Jasmine Kosunen, Lahti, Finland

Workshop held in London with The Collage of Spirituality where 100 attended.
“Chiara is a gift from the Universe! She is powerful, gifted and above all else, a heart centred facilitator. Chiara represents the new wave of facilitators on this planet, those who lead from the heart and use faith as their guide. It’s been a real deep pleasure to connect with her and to now call a friend, Chiara genuinely want individuals to become empowered and passionately believe in the shift of this planet above any personal need. This is exactly the type of energy we need to evolve as a species and move into our destined golden era.” Vaz Sriharan – Co-Founder and Director of The London Collage of Spirituality.

“I feel full of energy and sure I am on the right path in life. My sleeping patterns have greatly improved, and I have even noticed that my fear of spiders has eased a great deal. I feel very happy and can recognise certain patterns that have repeated in my life which I shall now avoid in future. Thank you! Naomi Walker –Editor of The Feel Good Magazine.

“Wow. just fab. peace. stillness.space, stars, expansive space. warmth, heart glow, crying with love,lifting of body.. realignment, crystal chandelier shaker shaking sound and energy, flashes of orange and lime green “raindrop”s coming down, massive buzz of sound download in ears!, and the energy withdrawing at the end. peace, calm, thankful. wow”. W.C Reading, Berkshire.

“A combination of two life-transforming treatments created by a pair of very talented ladies. I really loved this treatment and I came away with a new sense of purpose, feeling virtually reborn”. Alexandra Wenman – Editor of Prediction Magazine.

“The profound change in my state during the healing was MAGNIFICENT, I was taken into a state of bliss, calmness, serene rejuvenation, peace and at one with what felt like crystal clear surrounding of pure innocence, love, loving me, protecting me, supporting me. I just cannot describe it. So unexpected to feel like this so strongly. It is Divine healing. What a Divine Gift we have been given. Chiara, THANK YOU and with love always”. L.S London

“I met Chiara through a mutual friend in early 2011 and have had several healing sessions with her since then. I can say without any hesitation that I have never met such an accepting and unconditionally loving person. She works from a place many others could only aspire to and her healing’s are extremely powerful and for me they proved to be life changing. Without Chiara I probably wouldn’t be here, such was the place I was in. I had crystal healing with Reiki and after just 3 sessions I was a different person and found that everything, all my thoughts over years and all my experiences made sense and had purpose, even the “bad” ones. She has listened to me laugh, cry, rant, whisper and everything in-between; all without any judgement at all. Chiara has the ability to see through the “story” and the many layers of baggage you bring with you and gently yet effectively peel them away to unlock you, allowing you to be who you really are and find your true path in life.

Chiara isn’t one of these therapists who keep their clients going back time and again to keep themselves in work either. I have to nag if I want a session now! And if you have a problem, illness or injury, she isn’t one to immediately say “come for healing” unless that’s something you want, which is the mark of a true professional. Chiara has also attuned me to Reiki, which has helped me immensely. I have attended many of the workshops Chiara has run or hosted for others and as a teacher is kind and patient. Early on in my healing I found many aspects of energy work quite overwhelming and Chiara let me be however I needed to be without any criticism and without trying to “fix” things until I was ready. I have also had a channelled message from her and the message was heartfelt and made so much sense. Since I have absolute faith in her abilities, I can do no more than whole-heartedly recommend Chiara as a healer, teacher and writer.” Miss T Wiltshire

“Before I had Reiki from Chiara, I was a completely different person. Having suffered from ME for years I did not think I would regain a feeling of power or strength. The Reiki completely changed me. The level of relaxation is amazing. Not only did I feel better physically which is the reason I went, but I have relaxed so much as a person. I didn’t even realise I was stressed until I felt what being relaxed is like after I had the Reiki! I have since been to lots of different events/workshops, been attuned to Reiki 1, attended Intuitive Development classes and also had the joint healing of Infinite Healing & Karmic Debris Extraction – all of which have benefitted me. Walking into Chiaras world was a blessing to me. My outlook on things has totally changed. Chiara and the circle of like-minded friends who have welcomed me into what feels like it’s own community are fantastic. I couldn’t recommend Evolve any higher!” LC Newbury

“The Reiki teachings are second to none! The coaching is such a valuable experience from Chiara and should never be underestimated! If you feel that you are held back in any way on your path in life? Then I couldn’t recommend having some sessions enough! I have personally progressed much more than I had ever anticipated…! ” IB Reading, Berkshire.

“Chiara is a natural at what she does. I first met her at ‘The Crystal Moon’ having had a reading and healing by her and felt so drawn to what she does that i have since attended several talks, Intuitive Development group, completed my Reiki 1 and attended the 11.11.11 event she held. It has allowed me to re-connect with a big part of me that was missing for some time. I would highly encourage anyone to attend any of Chiara’s groups/workshops etc. especially if its something you have wanted to try but not had the confidence, something you’ve felt drawn too etc. as Chiara will make you feel at ease and help you to realise your full potential and give you the guidance you need.” KU Reading, Berkshire

“I am a suffer of arthritis which affects my spine and many other joints. After both treatments my osteopath said that there had been an improvement of 80% in some areas of spine. I had also gained 10 inches more movement. I also felt a strong sense of an inner peace, happy, calm and stronger to make the changes to my life that need to be made. I cannot recommend Chiara’s treatments highly enough. They are given by a truly gifted woman.” SC Reading, Berkshire

So, now it’s 2012 & I can’t tell you how amazing these two sessions have been for me in allowing me to grow & find a new sense of purpose & fresh belief in my own work. I know the clearer I can be, the more powerful I will become in my own sessions & workshops. I would highly recommend other fellow lightworksers to have the double session & see the results for yourself.” HP Slough

“Having these treatments was a revelation to me. Six months ago now and I can look back and say it really was a turning point. I have felt so much more energised and able to move forward since then; it has made a huge difference in every way. I can’t thank Chiara enough for giving these combined treatments, and at such a reasonable cost for such invaluable help.” SG. Reading

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