Research is now showing that there are many benefits to regular practices of meditation. Even a daily practice of just a few minute can assist you feeling more energised, clear headed, grounded and present.

Gone are the times when we thought we had to sit in a locus position and focus deeply for hours, now that a greater understanding of the art of meditation being brought out in the media every day and great new apps to download and use wherever and whenever you want too are becoming more widely available.

Meditation is something that everyone of all ages can use and should be using in their daily lives.

As written on the Chopra website:

The most significant health benefits of meditation are stress reduction, better sleep, lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular function, improved immunity, and the ability to stay centered in the midst of all the turmoil that’s going on around you. Meditation helps you do less and accomplish more.

On this section of the website you can access some free mediations to sample and enjoy, as well as the most downloaded ones in one great package.




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